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Dancin' (a catchy rhythm)


Hey there, hi there, ho there
it´s a magic kind of day
Glad to see your smiling faces 
as we pass along the way
There´s lot of fun and laughter her
A-waitung just for you
All you have to do is make a wish
and watch your dreams come true



If you take my hand
Just like Alice
You´re in Wonderland
It´s magic!
Clap your hands and tap your feet
And shout a big Hurray!
Mickey and his friends are calling out your name
To join the Disney Parade!



Dancin´a catchy rhythm
Singin´ a happy song
Playin´ together on holiday
You´ll soon be
Dancin a catchy rhythm
Singin´a happy song
Playin´together in holiday



Hey, there hi there ho there
You´r e as welcome as can be
Come along and join the big Parade
And set your spirits free
You´ll laugh and play and soon you´ll find
You´re made some brand new friends
Here we´ve got a funny saying that
The magic never ends


Chorus twice



Hey, there hi there ho there
it´s as simple as can be
To make a little Disney Magic´s
Really easy: one, two, three
If you take my hand
You´re in Wonderland, Just like Alice ( Wonderland)
It´s magic!
A wink, a smile and the a tooch
Of magic pixie dust
You can join the mascarade come on
Get ready for the Disney Parade
We will be

Chorus twice


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